We at Hartge Yacht Harbor do our best to be environmentally responsible. Painting outside is no longer environmentally acceptable so we have designed a climate controlled indoor facility where we transform your prized investment with a stunning and durable new hull surface.

A state of the art  filtration system provides the contaminant free air so necessary for a dust free coating and our factory trained painters are highly skilled and experienced technicians with an eye for detail and a passion for perfection.

Let our specialists refinish your hull with AWLGRIP
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  1. The preparation of the surface is of the utmost importance. An excellent paint job is only as good as the preparation, and the boat must be sanded, filled, sanded and filled some more.
  2. The boot stripes and cove stripes are an important part of the process, and particular attention is paid to these details. The actual spraying takes a talented technician, proper ventilation, and even flow.
  3. The final product after all the hardware is re-installed is truly a beautiful sight. A newly Awl gripped boat shines on!

Consider reviving your investment with new paint- the results will amaze you! We welcome inquiries, and will provide a tour of the facility and a free estimate.

AWLGRIP is a leading worldwide supplier of topside finishing systems to not only beautify, but also protect your yacht, no matter how big or small.